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OEM subcontracting

Ye Yao Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Establish in 1994, for many years has grasped the customer to be supreme, the management idea for high quality. The special produces various types of pipe fittings CNC return bend to process, expand and in charge of processing, contracting and in charge of processing, pressing and processing.

Protrudingly for the guest pipe

Fittings and board one press processing, argon and weld processing, CO2 robot and weld processing and mold design to develop and make, rich experience, technology is superior, the ones that welcomed you gave us your comments sincerely.
A material of pipe fittings and board: The iron, copper, stainless steel, aluminium alloy are the main fact. Products direct car and motorcycle accurate oil pipe, water pipe, union pipe, handbrake, five metals part against, furniture part, it is medical for apparatus, etc. all kinds of return bends and last part.

The main products employ the place

Car and motorcycle oil pipe, water pipe, union pipe, defend the five metals pipe fittings of the bath, furniture pipe fittings, bicycle pipe fittings, the iron pipe is processed, the aluminum pipe is processed, process, not embroider the processing of steel tube, chair by managing the fittings, iron pipe combination furniture, iron pipe furniture, pressing the part, motorcycle pipe fittings, car part pipe fittings with steel tube,etc.

Main machinery equipment

NC return bend machine, CNC return bend machine, end chance, puncher machine, some welders, argon welder, CO2 robot, grinding machine, the milling machine, drilling machine of the end